OWA Spells “FUN!”

OWA Opening


Living in Baldwin County has been an incredible experience, and it comes with so many exciting opportunities to enjoy living on the coast. My family is always looking for activities to make the most of being able to enjoy being outdoors, and OWA will not disappoint! Along with the amusement park, sports complex, restaurants, hotels, etc., this development brings with it excitement! How fun will it be to have a place to make the memories with our families and friends we will be able to make?


I grew up in north central Alabama and every Summer we would travel to the Gulf Coast for vacation. Some of my favorite memories are jumping the waves with my Nanny or watching my little sister jump in the pool with her floaties on at under 2 years old. She was a little fish! But along with those memories are those of the rides, games, and fun at Miracle Strip in Panama City Beach. I loved riding the cars with my cousin, playing games and eating way too many snacks.




One of my favorite pictures of my grandfather, my Papa, is the one above and it was taken at Miracle Strip when I was around 3 years old. I treasure this photo and the memory that comes to mind every single time I see it – he was making that popping sound by putting his finger in the side of his mouth and popping it out – no clue how else to explain it. In my 3 year old mind, it was magic!


As the time comes for the opportunity to make these memories with my own husband and daughter, I get more and more excited! I know it means more traffic, and I know it means growth in our small towns, but how amazing is it that we get to watch it happen, Baldwin County? We get to watch more people move to the area that we all love and experience the life that we get to live every day.


There’s plenty of room for all of us! And if you need help moving to or away from the growing areas, then by all means let me know! I look forward to seeing you at OWA and helping you find your home near the shores!


Author: Amber Estamponi, REALTOR®

As a REALTOR® at Elite Real Estate Solutions LLC, I specialize in helping clients find the perfect home or sell their existing home with their highest return. When you hire me to represent you, I will deliver superior customer service, professionalism and market knowledge to provide 'Elite' service and results. I am passionate about my career and about helping my clients through the buying or selling process with as little stress as possible.

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